About Micah at Super Six 8 Studio

About Micah

Micah has been churning out art for as long as he can remember. As a kid with a pile of paper, pencils, and pens he would spend hours drawing, often late into the night. Most of the time he would draw his favorite subject–cars. He loved anything that was shiny and had a motor and wheels. Nothing has changed.

In grade school he would much rather doodle on his math papers than complete the math problems. Micah’s sixth grade teacher wrote on his report card, “Stop doodling on your homework. Art will never pay off.” Well, it didn’t take long for his art to start paying off. He created his own character called, “Goose Brothers,” and began selling t-shirts to his fellow classmates. When the popularity of these shirts began to take off, he began to think maybe he had a real chance at being an artist. Years later, when he landed his dream job as a background painter for Twentieth Century Fox Animation Studio, he knew he had found his calling in life.

Super Six 8 Studio is a culmination of Micah’s love for hot rods, and his love of art and creating it. He loves the history and the stories behind the cars. He loves the history and the stories behind the people that created the cars. This is the mission of Super Six 8–to tell the story behind the painting.

icah Gosney artist Super Six Eight Studio

Micah Gosney artist at Super Six 8 Studio

As a child in the ’70s, Micah’s family moved quite often. One of his favorite sights from the backseat of the car was the many hot rod graveyards, aka junkyards, along the highway. Dig the hat, Micah.

Micah Gosney artist at Super Six 8 Studio

The Gosney family work truck–no seat belt required. If restraint was needed, Mom or Dad’s arm would be there.

Micah Gosney artist at Super Six 8 Studio

Micah bought a ’56 oval bug in the early ’90s built by Doug Jerger of Squeegs Kustoms fame. A chance meeting between Doug and Micah after buying the car, and they have been friends ever since. He really loved that car, even when he was pushing it along the side of the road.

Micah Gosney of Super Six 8 Studio with Ratfink

Micah never misses an opportunity to attend a hot rod event, and always hopes to meet one of his idols, such as Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, the creator of Rat Fink.  This time he lucked out! Since this picture was taken in the 1990’s, Micah has become friends with several members of the Rat Fink family. This picture was a foreshadowing of things to come.

Micah Gosney artist Super Six 8 Studio

Working as a background painter for Twentieth Century Fox Animation Studio. It was during this time that Micah’s artistic skills exploded. Micah was a background painter for several full-length feature animated movies, Anastasia, Titan A.E., and Bartok the Magnificent. He met so many great artists who inspired and challenged him. He keeps in touch with many of his friends from his Fox days and considers his time there as life-changing.

Micah Gosney artist

Micah in his studio today, surrounded by one of his main loves–art.