Original Oil Paintings

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Young Gun

In the 1940’s car owners came from all over the country to race their cars on the California Dry Lakes. The ’32 Ford Roadster was a common car to bring to the lake beds, because of its affordability and the many ways it could be modified for speed. This painting pays homage to all those who pushed themselves and their machines to the limits. My reference for the driver is my father in his younger years. To this day, drivers still come from all over to race the lake bed.

The Boss

This Boss Mustang is a creation from the mind of Dave Kindig and his hot rod team at Kindig-it Design in Salt Lake City, Utah. A smooth and clean take on the spirit of the original, molded into a modern ground pounding work of art. Dave Kindig and I met at Grand National Roadster show years ago and have been friends ever since. I have several original pieces and several limited edition giclée prints hanging in the Kindig-it showroom.

Smokin’ White Knuckles

Don’t call it a race car, call it a dragster. Climb in and grab a hold of a monster, with your eyes burning from nitro fumes, and a pounding in your chest from the open headers. This creation will try to kill you if you let it; stomp the gas and hang on!

Hell’s Messenger

World War II has ended and the young men are returning home. Backyards and shops begin to take shape as these restless young men turn bare metal into automotive masterpieces. Simple and complex machines alike come to life to dominate the speed landscape, some bearing the nose art of their winged brothers. Flash forward to today, and that same spirit lives on in small and large shops, like this ’34 Ford created by the Elmers, paying homage to their grandfather’s WW II bomber, bearing the same name.

Get a Grip

The 50’s ended and the 60’s unfolded with peace, love, and turbulence. There were a group of quarter-mile warriors who strapped themselves into 1200 horsepower front engine dragsters known as “Slingshots”–clean and simple, with homegrown engineering literally at it’s front. The reference for this painting was based on a photograph on the wall of a working hot rod shop and depicts the raw brutal force when these machines launch off the starting line.

Salt Shaker

The belly tanker, a drop gas tank from the wing of a WWII fighter plane, is an example of bare bones engineering. Used for their aerodynamics and lightweight shells, these small, low hot rods cut the wind like the tip of a spear.

Trailing Dust

In the middle of the desert are dry lakes–long, flat surfaces where man and machine are pushed and pulled together to go as fast as they can. The recipe for success is often luck.

Long Shadows

Sunrise on the salt as racers prepare for the days events; stomachs turn and nerves are raw from the anticipation of tearing off the line. Often years of work have gone into the shining dreams of young and old. The salt is the ultimate bridge between generations. No one is immune from salt fever.